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five random facts about myself


Thanks for tagging me, desixlb!  

  1. I just got a 92.5 on my first Personality Psych exam - woot!
  2. I eat how I eat due to autoimmune/food issues (not for weight loss).
  3. I have a road trip planned for October that I’m super excited about.
  4. I dream of a day when we have to drive to get to the closest neighbor.
  5. I got the results back from my physical/blood work, and everything was normal!

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I never do these, but I’ll do it for balancingegoasaleo. 1) I’m missing the end of my left ring finger from an accident at a high school summer job. 2) I’m a middle child 3) I worked as a contractor at the White House and conversed with Bill Clinton for 20 minutes after hours. 4) I like to brew beer 5) I met the person that makes me a better person.
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