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Brewed the Galaxy APA today on a day off. Missed the OG by 2 points because I sight measured the water. 4.9 ABV instead of 5.1 is OK with me though.

First time in awhile I’ve had 2 fermenting at the same time. Kegging and lagering the Kolsch on Sunday.

Went fly fishing on Little Seneca Creek this morning. The water was high and murky. Got one strike with a nymph and didn’t see any surface action. It looked like a release from the dam was done.

I didn’t go through the rail road bridge tunnel, but right past it is the best pool. You’re not supposed to fish there though.

Next brew - Kolsch

That terrible feeling when you realize your kegs are both empty…

Between the kitchen remodel and brewing for my step-daughters wedding I’ve neglected my own brewing needs. Time to rectify that. This Sunday I’m brewing a basic Kolsch (with wheat added) and the following week I’ll brew the APA with Galaxy hops that was a hit last year. I should have enough time to have both ready for our Oktoberfest party this Fall.

Kolsch recipe:

5.5 gallons

4.8% ABV

26 IBU

9lb Pilsen

1 lb Wheat

1.75 oz Tettnanger (60 minutes)

.5 oz Tettnanger (20 minutes)

WLP029 Kolsch yeast

Mash 60 minutes at 150 degrees

90 minute boil

Ferment 7 days at 63 degrees

Ferment 3-4 days at 68 degrees

Keg and lager for 2-3 weeks at 37 degrees

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