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I brewed a cara cara orange hef, I couldn’t find blood oranges. I threw in a handful of raspberries to try and match the blood orange flavor. This was a request for my step-daughter’s wedding in September.

I followed the Dogfish Head hop schedule, and also treated the oranges the same, but used 5 oranges and the zest from 3; pasteurize and dump in the fermenter. I used WL300 for the yeast. OG was 1.049.

I did 5 lbs wheat, 4 lbs pilsner, and 1 lb Munich malt. A basic hefeweizen. If I was making it for me I would have left out the fruit.

It was a long brew day: 90 minute mash and 90 minute boil, and a thunder storm at the end.

Bottled the Raison-Cherry D’être beer today. I got 50 bottles. It tastes really good. The same ABV as Dogfish Head, but a little lighter.

Tomorrow I’m taking off work to brew a blood orange hef. I’ll have just enough time to brew it and ferment/bottle before the wedding. The beer I bottled today should be prime by the wedding date.

Better late then never brewingmedic; this is the Dogfish Head extract recipe for Raison D’être.

When I changed it for all-grain the numbers did not match for the OG. I added 2 more pounds of malt, but should have boiled a little longer because I was a little under the OG.

Also, I substituted golden raisins for green and added some dried cherries. I’m bottling this weekend since I’ll have a functioning kitchen and sink again. It’s been on the trub for a month, but that should be OK…I hope.

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