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It was a long brew day yesterday brewing the Flying Dog Raging Bitch kit. My helper slowed me down until he finally took a nap.

I was just a little over the target OG, 1.073 instead of 1.072, and got right at 5.5 gallons in the fermentor. I pitched at 4:00 yesterday afternoon and the air lock was chugging this morning.

The judging is June 4th, which doesn’t leave a lot of time with the fermentation and lagering period. I bought a counter pressure bottle filler so I could save time on the carbonation.

The “Yuengling like” lager is done. It’s more a cross between Yuengling and Sam Adams. The ABV is higher, 5.6, and it’s about 26 IBU. I used 9.5% of the grain bill for maize. You can taste that at the end.

I lagered for about three months. Now I want a separate chest freezer for lagering. Don’t think Janice will go for that!

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